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18 Night Prayers For Differnt Situations

When the day ends and it’s time to rest, take some time out of your busy schedule to pray. Night prayers are often overlooked but should not be, especially if you’re looking to grow closer to God or you’re in need of guidance or just want to be reminded that he cares about you.

The following are 18 night prayers that will hopefully help you grow in your faith and inspire you to talk to God even when it’s after hours.

1. Evening Prayer To End the Day

After a long day at work, you can go before the Lord with this prayer. May God guard you and keep you safe as you sleep.

2. Prayer for Good Night Sleep

When you need God’s help to sleep peacefully, this prayer is for you.

3. Night Prayer for Children and Kids.

Taking children to the Lord in prayer before bedtime is important. The following prayer can help.

4. Night prayers for adults

As an adult, surrendering to the Lord in prayer at night is a good way to live in humility. Here is a night prayer to help you with that.

5. Night Prayers For Couples

Many couples say a prayer together before bedtime so that their relationship will grow deeper and stronger. Thanking God for the goodness in our lives is one way to rekindle romance and love. The following bedtime prayer is perfect for couples.

6. Night Warfare Prayers before sleeping

Prayers of spiritual warfare are powerful weapons Christians use against the very real adversary, Satan. Therefore, those who are facing spiritual warfare should pray. In addition to casting out demons, these prayers can help to bring the presence of God wherever you are.

If you’re experiencing spiritual warfare, here are five spiritual warfare prayers I found to help you sleep.

7. Night-time prayers for a friend.

8. Night Prayers for your husband

Prayer is one of the best things a wife can do for her husband. Often times, the man must carry a lot of burden for the family and doesn’t share his struggles. Through prayer, God will send angels to encourage and strengthen him as needed.

9. Night time prayers for the family

Family building is a daily task, and it requires God’s grace to raise our children in the Lord’s way. In this prayer, both parents ask the Lord for guidance in raising a Goldy family together.

10. Night Time Prayers for Toddlers

Praying with your kids at bedtime is a great way to instill the habit of prayer early in their lives. While praying together, you can explain what each prayer means and how they can contact God and depend on him in life. 

To make learning to pray before bed more enjoyable for young children, these simple kids’ prayers include rhyme and cadence. Lead your little ones through these bedtime prayers and lay an important foundation for their future.

11. Night Prayers for your girlfriend

Praying for your future wife or girlfriend lays a solid foundation for the future. By asking for God’s presence and protection, you will go a long way toward bringing God’s plan to fruition.

12. Night Prayers for your boyfriend.

By praying for your boyfriend or future husband, you will lay the foundation for a strong relationship. This gives you both the grace you need to lead a golden life and reach the plan God has for your lives.

13. Night prayers to thank God

Thanking God at the end of the day is a wonderful way to express gratitude for his unending mercy throughout the day. Thanksgiving encourages our hearts to be humble and grateful. Below is a prayer you can use to thank God.

14. Night Prayers for your wife

Your prayers for your wife are an expression of your love, gratitude, and appreciation for God’s gift to you. Here is a prayer you can pray for her.

15. Night Time Prayers for Baby

Every night, commit your child into God’s hands, because that’s the only way we can be at peace about their future. However much we as parents care for and protect them, God is the ultimate caretaker.

16. Night time Protection Prayers

As the psalmist said, “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall dwell under the shadow of the All-Powerful”. We trust and depend on God as our protector, and praying to him demonstrates that.

17. Good night prayers and blessings

This a prayer for blessings as you go to bed at night.

18. Prayer For when you can’t sleep.

Praying to God when you can’t sleep is a great way to let Him into your situation. There are times when we just need God’s comfort and healing in our hearts in order to overcome sleeplessness.

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