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Greetings! I am Lamide, the voice and writer behind WordThrive, a blog dedicated to discussing Christian Spirituality. Based in sunny Southern California, USA, I bring unique international perspectives to my writing, having lived in Nigeria, France and the U.S.A.

My personal journey is deeply entwined with my amazing wife. Despite her own demanding schedule, she takes time to collaborate with me on writing, editing, and designing the blog. We’re proud parents to three lively children, all under the age of fourteen. Their distinctive personalities constantly entertain us and keep our lives vibrant.

At the heart of WordThrive, you will find my philosophy on Christian spirituality. It’s about walking the path laid out by Jesus Christ and emulating His values in a way that inspires individual and societal transformation.

In my view, the birthplace of spiritual transformation lies in the practice of spiritual disciplines. As such, my blog features discussions on key practices like Prayer, Fasting, Alms-Giving, Acts of Service, Bible Study, and more.

A little bit of background …

Before embarking on this spiritual journey, I had a rewarding career as a Manager in an Engineering Company within the Photonics Industry. However, I always felt a calling towards spirituality and, during the “Great Resignation”, I took a leap of faith to follow my passion.

My spiritual journey began as a child. Raised in a devout Christian family, the teachings of the church shaped my early life. My teenage years, in particular, were crucial to developing my deep-seated passion for Christian spirituality. Close friends who were serious about their faith left an indelible mark on me. Countless hours spent praying, studying, and serving the church together were transformative.

My blog’s content reflects these early influences, my ongoing fascination with God’s presence in our contemporary world, and the wisdom I’ve gleaned from men and women who embody Christ’s teachings today.

My aim is to guide you towards deepening your relationship with God and helping you make a significant impact in your own sphere. Whether you’re seeking to enkindle your spirituality or become more vibrant in your faith, I hope you’ll find something inspiring on WordThrive. – Lamide