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Hi, I’m Lamide, the voice behind WordThrive where I share about Christian Spirituality, and I live in Southern California, USA.

I am the husband of an amazing woman, who despite her busy schedule, takes the time to write, edit and design the blog along with me. Additionally, I’m a father to three lovely children, ages eleven and under, whose unique personalities keep me entertained and engaged!

My blog reflects my philosophy on Christian spirituality – following the teachings of Jesus Christ and imitating his values which leads to a transformation of both self and society for good.

Any spiritual transformation is born from spiritual disciplines and so you’ll see me discuss basic disciplines such as Prayer, Fasting, Alms-Giving, Acts of Service, Bible Study, and more on the blog.

A little bit of background …

I was born in France, raised in Nigeria, and now live in the United States, which has influenced my outlook on religion and spirituality in general.

In my previous life, I was a Manager with an Engineering Company in the Photonics Industry. Though I thoroughly enjoyed my first career, however, I wanted to pursue a future where my passion lies – spirituality.

Fortunately, with enough support and faith, I took the leap during the “Great Resignation” and I’m very grateful for the journey thus far.

Growing up, my mother was a devoted Christian and the family followed suit to church. It was during my exposure to the church as a child and along with college fellowships as a teenager that my passion for Christian spirituality was born. 

During my teen years, I had some close friends who were seriously dedicated to their walk with Jesus and it rubbed off on me. The amount of time we together spent praying, studying, serving in the church, and leading others in Christ was enormous.

The articles on my blog draw from these early influences from my teenage years, my ever-evolving fascination with how God is moving in our current generation, and learning from men and women who are good examples of Jesus Christ’s teachings today.

So it is my desire to show you ways to grow your relationship with God and make a difference right where you are.

I hope you find something on here to make you more vibrant for God! – Lamide